Dreadnought- More then Meets the Ears

Welcome to Vantablog  – the darkest blog on the web. The intention of this blog is to discuss the vast, , dark, and often mythical world of heavy metal music. This blog is a response to the fact that , though many blogs exist on the web that focus on the world’s most omnipotent musical genre, there are none that focus, specifically, on the type(s) of metal that most interest me: highly technical, unique, and heavy, usually without melodic vocals. More specifically, while I do not normally enjoy metal that features melodic vocals, I do enjoy melodic vocals if they are very original sounding. While the term “heavy” is quite subjective, metal and its seemingly limitless subgenres tend to be obnoxiously inclusive in what one may deem deserving of the “heavy” label.

This brings me to the subject of my first blog entry: Dreadnought – a band from Denver, Colorado that incorporates a great deal of influences from across the musical spectrum, outside of, and within metal subgenres. The band’s latest album – “Bridging Realms –” released in 2015 is an amazing piece of work which serves to bridge the gap separating many of metals subgenres. The aptly titled album serves up five slow burners that, while long at an average length of around ten minutes, keeps ones attention with its seamless transitions into, and out of multiple genres. Immediately evident is the band’s classical music influence, including a plethora of orchestral instruments and choir vocals which gives way to traditional a traditional sludgy doom metal stomp. Across the five tracks the band makes evident its affinity for 70s acoustic progressive styles, a la Sleeping Giant, and even manages to mix in several short; yet properly placed, psychedelic/experimental/noise elements in the disguised as well-crafted transitions, along with more traditional progressive sounding elements. Anyone who is a fan of Opeth’s recent work will find themselves right at home while devouring Dreadnought’s latest offering.  Despite the fact that the above introduction notes that most of the music that will be featured on VantaBlog will not contain melodic vocals, Dreadnought serves as an example of a melodic vocal style that one may find alluring and very original. All of the vocals on the album: choir chants, melodic singing, and even black metal-style tortuous, yet somehow melodic, screams are all, surprisingly, performed by the band’s female singer.

This album certainly classifies as “heavy,” but in a very unique way. It is a perfect example that all metal music and its associated subgenres are not always harsh on its listeners’ ears with fast tempos, blastbeats, and loud screaming or growling vocals. While this piece of work would be a fitting addition to any established fan of true heavy metal, it would also serve as a perfect introduction to any newcomer to the heavy metal world by introducing them slowly  to the array of diverse sounds that make up “Bridging Realms.”


Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPYFGE954os&list=PL1XxcxNTPtGLxLVg6ue3QzLnq5TmtOqxO

Bridging Realms