Welcome to VantaBlog – the darkest heavy metal blog one the internet. This is simply my way of getting my personal opinion about the vast world of Metal, and it’s limitless subgenres out to the people. I hope that it serves to introduce¬†friends, and hopefully some strangers too, to new bands, albums, etc. that spark my interest and others may also find intriguing. The featured albums and artists may not always be brand new to the metal scene, but will feature material that is new to me. I find myself always talking about a new band or album to my metalhead friends and, therefore, repeating myself often. Now, hopefully, I can simply point these friends toward VantaBlog where they may learn about all of the music that has been on my radar. I hope that you – the reader (and metal aficionado) – may find interesting content herein, and that it inspires you to check out some of the featured music.


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